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Sound Tribe Sector 9 Live at Late Night - Bonnaroo Music Festival on 2003-06-13

Topics Live concert

Disc 1 - Set I...
1. Banter
2. Ramone and Emiglio
3. Today
4. Orbital
5. Rilly Wut?
6. Nautilus
7. Evasive Manuvers >
8. Kamuy
9. W.M.I.O.D.
10. STS9
11. For My Peeps

Disc 2 - ...I/II...
1. T.W.E.L.V.E.
2. Dance
3. II: What is love?
4. Jabez
5. MS
6. Once Told
7. Mischief Of A Sleepwalker
8. Grow
9. 986 ft. Tall Trees*

Disc 3 - ...II + E
1. Luma Ddaylight
2. Circus
3. Gogli* >
4. Drums
5. Satori
6. Flock Of Seagulls
7. Baraka
8. Banter
9. E1: Breathe In
10. E2: Improv**

Collection SoundTribeSector9
Band/Artist Sound Tribe Sector 9
Venue Late Night - Bonnaroo Music Festival
Location Manchester, TN

Source DPA4023 (FOB, ~25 ft, XY) > Lunatec V3 (16/44.1) > D8
Lineage DA20mkii > TB Fiji > SF5 > CDWave > mkwACT
Taped by jasonho
Transferred by jasonho


encore w/ mike gordon


Reviewer: envivo - - August 30, 2004
Subject: Sound quality
Great setlist and energy but have to comment on the poor sound quality. Every track is loaded with too much bass and not enough clarity. If you dont care about sound clarity this show is excellent. I, on the other hand, cant enjoy STS9 without clear and crisp sound.
Reviewer: Gilbert - - October 1, 2003
Subject: Another Seed, less BASS
Jason was not only kind enough to post this show once, but he took the show, EQed it with the help of a kind soul, and reposted it.

In the top left box it says, THE SHOW. At the bottom of that box, it says OTHER COPIES. Click on the "unMURPHed..." link and download this copy.

Having been at this show with my girlfriend, in front of the mix about 6' right, probably next to Jason, I must say, THE BASS WAS INESCAPABLE. It reverberated through every cell in my body. (I was sitting (I know, how could I sit?) a good portion of the show, and could feel the wet sand floor moving... at least I thought I could. :-) )

This was a great show, the music, the vibe (no pun...) Unfortunately, I grew weary and left a few songs before the encore... oh well, you live and learn.

Thanks Jason!

I give the other copy a 4!
Reviewer: JoeKiller - - September 2, 2003
Subject: Bass Drops Quality
I figured that a FOB source wouldn't be as washed out as this source is but alas, too much bass. The vocals are washed out. I hope for another source of this rediculious show.
Reviewer: pughadam - - September 1, 2003
Subject: bonnaroo sound tribe
I too was sucked in by the sweet sounds ouf sts9 - The vibrations were getting nasty at bonnaroo that night - Sound Tribe took it up to another level - And then an encore with Mike Gordon !! Wow. The energy at this show is unreal.
Reviewer: jbilicki - - August 5, 2003
Subject: no onstage mics for this show?
I just got this show and I am a big collector of STS9 shows. I can definitely hear the overwhelming bass and see it on my EQ. Dropping the bass levels down and boosting the highs is in fact totally necessary for listening to this show. The only problem is that the levels are overall very low and I find myself cranking my amp to hear the show at a decent volume.

I'm surprised this is the best copy available for this show, considering how big the event was and all. Were there any onstage mics that might have been able to capture more balanced frequencies at higher levels? The intensity of this show does feel very high, as it usually is when STS9 is posed with the challenge of making everyone's night. I'm hoping that some other tapers might surface their copies at some point for comparison's sake. Overall though, a pretty decent recording considering the conditions.
Reviewer: llHaLcYoNll - - July 1, 2003
Subject: Tribe for Life
Words fail to describe the pure energy that was present at this show. All I could say after STS9's 5+ hour escapade into surreal soundscapes was "Oh My god...That was the best show I have ever seen"

Please support the STS9 community and go to

Read the review of the show at

I would definatly give the SHOW itself a 5 star rating, but this recording doesnt do it justice. I'm not blaming the taper in any way; the bass in that tent was far beyond anything I have ever felt. I was about 5 people back from where J Garcia was painting and the bass was literally vibrating my entire body. It would be far too much for most mics to handle. This recording is definatly worth getting, just do a bit of EQ editing- drop the low end way down and boost all the highs. Thank you jasonho for posting so quickly and with a good recording.

Reviewer: aphelan - - June 30, 2003
Subject: Amazing
this was my first STS9 show and I was very impressed. After watching about 5 minutes of the meters, I wandered my on over to sound tribe and was sucked in. this was great.
Uploaded by
Jason Ho
on 6/30/2003
Sound Tribe Sector 9
by Sound Tribe Sector 9
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